Research links

Here is a list of research links that I have found helpful. Please note that this does not mean I am endorsing everything on every site. In my research, I rarely explore a site fully; only the parts that are relevent to my search.


Baby Names [nice for quick referencing]

Baby Names Pedia [personal favorite; has quite detailed history on most names]

Social Security Administration [ you can run a search for the most popular names any given year in U.S. history after 1879. Amazingly useful when writing modern/HisFic set in the U.S.]

Names Through the Ages [wonderful book; must-have for every author, especially those in the HisFic genre]

Medieval/Middle Ages:
Medieval Life
Middle Ages for Kids
Medieval Weddings
Medieval Bibles
Tips on writing/speaking in a Middle Ages English fashion
Hawking in the Middle Ages
Blacksmithing in the Middle Ages
Medieval Banquets
Calender of Medieval Feasts/holidays

Circa 1910, America:

Early 20th Century