About me

I am, first and foremost, a Follower of Jesus Christ, and Daughter of the Most High. It is my aim to bring Him glory and honor through my writings, various other endeavors, and my life.

I have a burning passion for Truth, and that is another thing that I try to point to in what I do. Seeking after the Truth is rather like going on a hunt for treasures in a dusty, junk-filled attic: You search and search, digging around in boxes and behind stacks of moldering magazines. You find a jewelry box. The lid creaks when you open it, covered with dust. Inside is a giant handful of costume jewelry, and you begin to close the box in disappointment. Then a tiny flash of gold escapes from somewhere in the dusty, lackluster tangle of faux riches. Easing your fingers down between the cold, dull fakes, you grasp the glinting treasure and pull it out, bringing it to the light. A smile creases your face as you hold that precious golden ring in your hand. Despite the dust and the tarnish of being long unused, it shines, putting to shame its poor counterparts, and you make it yours to keep forever.

I am a writer. I paint pictures with words, feelings with ink. I've written a number of different things, ranging from poetry to full-length fiction works to magazine articles. To-date, I have written in the following fictional genres: Historical Fiction mixed with Fantasy, Fantasy, Adventure, Historical Fiction, Futuristic, and Comtemporary/Modern. Writing is always an adventure and always a learning curve. While I have always enjoyed writing, I didn't realize it was my niche in life until my mother convinced me to give the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum a try. It is simply amazing, as are the creators of the program. I would highly recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in writing fictional works.

I am a photographer. Not only do I paint pictures with words; I capture light to tell a story. Macro and people are my favorite subjects.

I am a Homeschooler, and proud of it! Homeschooling has been a beautiful thing, for it has allowed me to pursue my passions and develop the gifts God gave me. One of the wide-spread symptoms of being a homeschooler is that of being an avid reader. I've been keeping track of how many books I have read, and this year I have thus far read over 70.

I am all those things and much more.

To put it simply, I can be complicated and multi-faceted. But then, that's all part of being human.

Chazak Amats,

- Hannah