Thursday, July 12, 2012

Decisions, decisions

For the past month or so, maybe longer, I'd had a thought poking around in the back of my brain.
This week I pulled it out of the recesses of my mind's attic and took a good look at it, to see what it actually was and if I had use for it.

The thought was scary and sad, yet also, relieving.

I realized I have outgrown The Arindraen Series, and decided that I won't be finishing it.

While I still love (most of) the characters, and while Called will always be special and Plague of Darkness is my pet, it's time to move forward.

The series has taught me a lot. I've grown very much as an author thanks to those books and to the practice they've given me. Yet after writing Shadow of Glory and Hosanna House, and having even more ideas, I simply don't have much of a drive to finish The Arindraen Series. My new ideas pull at me more, are deeper (I think), and hopefully, more relevant and compelling.

So while I will be making Plague of Darkness available for purchase, I won't be completing Fate by Proxy or writing Honor.

It's been a learning curve, but now the road is curving in another direction.

- Hannah


  1. That's sad, but makes sense to me. What a tough decision. :)

  2. Know how that is. There used to be a whole slew of books set in the world of Betsy Flowain, but after _Forest of Lies_ I haven't gone back to it. We'll see if after _Quintessence_ if I go back to the ideas of FoL world stuff (I kind of bet I will).

    I'm sure there are many adventures awaiting you in these new genres. ^_^

  3. @Ericka: Yeah, it wasn't easy but it made a lot of sense.

    @Nairam: It's funny how that happens! Haha, I bet you will return to the FoL-connected ideas as well. They are good ideas.

    Thanks, I hope so!


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