Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Beautiful People] Stanislav & Phelps

This month's Beautiful People questions are specifically for the villains and baddies. With that said, stand back and make some room for Vince Stanislav and William Phelps, from the books Shadow of Glory and Hosanna House, respectively.

1. What is their motive? Stanislav's motivation stems from duty and loyalty: most of the things he does are due to his complete and utter loyalty to his government. His very name means "Goverment is Glory." Phelp's motivation comes from a very skewed religious standpoint. He somehow thinks he is doing God's will.

2. What are they prepared to do to get what they want? Stanislav is willing to do anything. Absolutely anything. Phelps has his lines, but they are few and far between. He wouldn't be likely to murder somebody, for instance, but if somebody just so happened to die because of something he did, he wouldn't own up to it.

3. Are they evil to the core, or simply misunderstood? This is a tough question, because both of them truly believe that what they are doing is the right thing. So I guess I would say that both are quite evil, Stanislav more so in some areas but Phelps outshines Stanislav in other ways because he is commiting his crimes in the name of YHVH. Both aren't misunderstood so much as they are brainwashed into faulty worldviews.

4. What was their past like? What about their childhood? Was there one defining moment that made them embrace their evil ways? At the moment I really don't know much of anything about the childhood of either one of them, or their past either. Stanislav's was pretty dark, I know that much. As to Phelps, he's someone I haven't figured out and don't exactly want to figure out.

5. Now that they're evil, have they turned their back on everyone, or is there still someone in their life that they care for? (Brother? Daughter? Love interest? Mother? Someone who is just as evil as they are?) Stanislav cares for no one. He is steely and if it can be said he loves anything, it would be his car or his collection of antique firearms. Phelps loves his wife in an odd sort of way.

6. Do they like hugs? No.

7. Are they plagued by something? (Nightmares? Terrible thoughts?) Nope, I don't believe so.

8. Who are they more similar to: Gollum or Maleficent? Seeing as I haven't seen any books/watched any movies involving these characters, I can't say.

9. If your villain could have their choice of transportation what would it be? Stanislav would want his own spy plane, I think. Phelps would pick out a BMW or a Jaguar or something high-end and expensive.

10. If you met your villain in the street, how afraid would you be? Are they evil enough to kill their creator? I wouldn't be afraid upon meeting either of them. But if Stanislav tried to mess with me, I'd probably get scared. Phelps, not so much because he's kind of wimpy. It's his ideals and belief system that cause the most trouble, not his physical self as much. And yes, Stanislav wouldn't be above killing me. Phelps, I'm not sure.


- Hannah

Monday, May 28, 2012

[Media Monday] Tucked In

Yes, they are poking fun at how some homeschoolers dress...but hey, they are homeschoolers too. So they can do that.



Thursday, May 24, 2012

What I've been up to of late

Life never stops.

Really. It doesn't.

Gone are the idealistic days when I could spend six or more hours a day reading, writing, or even doing schoolwork.

Now I'm a workin' girl!

Like my dad has been saying, "Welcome to adulthood."

Last Sunday I graduated. And for two or so months now, I have been working between five and six days a week. I really enjoy it, but combine that with three lawn-mowing jobs and chiropractor appointments and church and family and friends and errands and...and...and yeah. It seems as though I am always on the go, even on the weekends.

It's all good though. You know why? Because God's blessed me with a good, steady job with a great employer, it's close to home, and it's work I don't mind doing. Because I'm able to save a large portion of the money I make. Because I'm getting experience in earning, saving, and spending money (and paying taxes) before I have to do those things to fully support myself.

Oh, and because I'm also learning to get up earlier. What can I say? I'm a writer and many of us are more nocturnal creatures.

So yeah. That's what I've been doing. Working, trying to keep up with life, and trying to finish Plague of Darkness, and trying to complete the initial draft of Hosanna House.

Hopefully next Thursday I'll have something more interesting to say.



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

[Media Monday] John Branyan - The Three Little Pigs

Yes....the Three Little Pigs. Watch and enjoy. It's a new take on the old story.


- Hannah

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adoption, pt 2 - to you, Birthmoms

I love birthmothers.

Don't misunderstand. I know that the scenarios resulting in adoptions are far from perfect, and that the overwhelming marjority of birthmoms became pregnant outside of wedlock.

But I still love them. If you, reader, have ever given a child up for adoption, are going to carry your pregnancy full term and give the child up, or decided to get an abortion then changed your mind (or didn't change your mind), I love you and wish I could hug you. Since I can't, just imagine that I'm sending you a giant cyber-hug.

Birthmothers, this is to you.

Birthmoms, you are so brave.

I know it wasn't easy. It was scary, terrifying, in fact. You had an option that seemed easier at first glance, but you decided against it.

Thank you. Thank you for standing against the fear, and the pressures from other people who, with good intentions prompted you to get an abortion.

Thanks for loving us, your children, so, so much. Thank you for wanting to give us the best life possible, and loving us enough that when you knew you couldn't give us that life yourself, that you allowed someone else to.

You are beautiful and courageous. Don't forget that.

And you're not forgotten. You are loved and appriciated by me and many others like me, and you are loved and cherished by YHVH, Father God.

Thank you, for your love and courage and the tears you cried. Thanks for giving us the chance to live this life, even with all its bumps and bruises.


- Hannah

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[Media Monday] God is Not an Elephant

Tenth Avenue North is coming out with a new album soon, and they are also doing video journaling! I'm excited about both! Their videos have all been excellent so far, and are refreshing my perspective. They are well worth the time spent watching. Chazak, - Hannah

Friday, May 4, 2012

[Beautiful People] Ariel Zafar

Yes, 'tis time for another Beautiful People!
Ariel Zafar is from my not-exactly-completed book, Fate by Proxy, and is the third book in The Arindraen Series.

1. What is their favorite type of shoe?

Short boots made from a soft leather, like calfskin.

2. Do they journal?

I actually don't know for certain. She is the sort of person that would journal, but of course there would be the (major) issue of keeping her journal hidden from prying eyes.

3. What's their favorite animal?

Horse. Falcon would be second-favorite.

4. What does their average day look like?

Well, in the novella, her average day changes quite a bit from the opening scene. Her "new" average is going about being her quite, little-noticed self, try to gather information for her brother, and do her best to avoid the unwanted romantic attentions of her cousin (ick).

5. Night owl, or morning person? (Optional: What time do they normally wake up, and go to bed?)

Morning person. She rises before the sun. As to actually clock-time, I don't know for certain.

6. Do they have a sweet tooth?

Yes, but in moderation.

7. What colors are their bedroom?

The walls are grey stone, as is the floor, but the walls are covered in brocade tapastries with scenes from the Bible and Arindrae's history woven into them. The colors in those taptastries vary, but there are a lot of rich reds, golds, and browns. A large bear rug covers a portion of her floor.

8. Can they cook?

Yes, though not very well.

9. What is their favorite household chore?

Seeing as she is royalty, she doesn't exactly do any housework.

10. Favorite kind of tea?

Mmm...I'm not sure. She is the sort that would like herbal teas, though.


- Hannah