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[Review] The Giver

The Giver (The Giver, #1)The Giver by Lois Lowry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Everything is marked by Sameness, everyone is given an Assignment when they become a Twelve.
For Jonas, the looming Ceremony is nerve-wracking. What will his Assignment be?

Finally the day comes and the Assignment he is given is one he never dreamed of.

He is to be The Receiver. Now the rules have changed. He can't tell anybody what goes on during his training. He can ask any questions and expect an answer. He can even lie. But he can never, ever, request Release.

The Giver was a great book, my main fault with it being that it is much too short. The ending is bittersweet, leaving me wanting more.
Several times in the hour/hour and a half it took me to read the novella, I found myself tearing up, and I think I've gained a deeper appriciation for memories and colors, for emotions, for everything that separates the intricate, messy lives of people from the monotonous, humdrum life of an animal or, in the case of this book, people who paid the price of Sameness.

This book is also a warning, warning us what the cost of psudo-peace and safety can bring when we are willing to go so far as to let everything be regulated, everything the Same, when we give up the right to make Choices.

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- Hannah


  1. So I just read this book a couple days ago and it was terrible (not the book - the state of Sameness)! Awesome read, really made me think.
    Hope you had a great Easter and are having a good re-entry into school. ;)
    He is risen!
    <3 Avi

  2. Oh wasn't it!
    Thanks, I did, and I never stopped school ;) I hope you had a great Easter as well!

    1. Yes!
      Nice. :) I took a (partial) spring break last week because we had friends in town. You know you're homeschooled when...your spring break doesn't coincide with everyone else's. XP Have you seen any of blimeycow's youtube videos? You should watch this one, if you haven't already:
      I had an awesome Easter. :D

    2. Oh that sounds nice! I'm too close to being finished to stop =P No kidding. Yes, I have! They are so funny =P
      Awesome :)

    3. It was nice - really good to take a short break. Will you finish early or on time (end of May)? Do you have any grad plans? I'm gonna be part of a grad ceremony with several other homeschoolers, which will be fun. :D
      Haha, yes they are. :P He makes me laugh even more than Julian Smith. :P

    4. I'm not exactly sure. At the moment, the plan is to simply finish as fast as I can, while juggling work, writing, chores, etc. I'm having an open-house, but no traditional graduation ceremony.

    5. Same here. ;) There's always so much to do, isn't there? So you found work! That's awesome! Which job did you get? That sounds fun - I hope it goes well. :) How's the writing coming? I'm in a rut - I can't figure out how to end my book (as stupid as that sounds)! And yes, I started with an outline, but now I'm flying by the seat of my pants. :P

    6. Gosh yes! Thanks, it is awesome. I'm cleaning houses with a lady from our church.
      It's coming along alright, though progress on Plague of Darkness is slow because I am at the mercy of other people's schedules.
      Oh no! You're soooo close, you can do it!
      By the way, I believe you left two other comments on some other posts? For some reason they ended up as spam, and when I un-spammed them, they...vanished. *blink*

  3. ;) Anytime. Neat!
    That's good. Are you getting it critiqued right now?
    I know! Augh! Isn't it stupid though? :P Thanks for the encouragement. :)
    Oh, yeah, I did awhile back....I don't remember what I was commenting about now. *shrug*

    1. :)
      Um, kind of...two of my critiquers are taking college courses right now so their time is very limited. And the third, like myself, is cramming to finish highschool and managing a job on top of that.

    2. Whew. Long day - sorry I haven't gotten back to you. ;)
      Bummer. If you give me a couple chapters at a time I could critique them, if that would help, although I'm a combo of your two critiquers - college courses and cramming to finish HS. :P But I can do a few chapters at a time, from wherever in your novel - beginning, middle, end - doesn't matter. ;) I'll send you an email so you have my address, if you want me to critique some of PoD.

    3. No problem--I completely understand long days.
      Oh, that would be awesome. Thank you SO much! I'll check that email address later today...right now I have to get ready to go to work ^_^

    4. ;) Thanks.
      No problem! I'll send you an email right now! :)


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