Thursday, March 1, 2012

Notebooks - my semi-constant companions

Ah yes...notebooks.

My notebook is rarely far from me. Even now, as I am typing up this post, my current notebook is sitting not three inches away from my knee.

I filled up another one about three weeks ago. I'd only been using it since September/October, and it was quite a large one too, roughly 8 1/2" x 11".
It holds everything from chapters of my current manuscript to to-do lists, poems, brainstorms for school papers and essays, and a plethora of notes for a rather daunting paper I'm hoping to soon write.

It is chocolate brown and blue. My new one, a gift from one of my lovely grandmothers, has an old-fashioned atlas on the cover. It is so neat! The size is nicer too. Much smaller and easier to fit into normal-sized purses...because, well, I take it everywhere. You never know when inspiration is going to strike, when you can snatch a few odd moments to work on your current chapter, or when you're going to need to write down a note-to-self, right?

Since 2009 I've filled up five notebooks! That's 500 pages--more, since I often write on both sides of the page.

Keeping a notebook has been a great thing for me. For some reason, I brainstorm better when I'm using a notebook.
Like I told my critique-group, "My brain works better on paper." Yes. I actually said that. And ever since, it has been a running joke between us. Just imagine squishy grey matter all over a notebook.....yeah.
Ahem. Back on track. I think it must be something about the kinesthetics of using a pen. Or maybe it's because if I don't like a word or a paragraph, I can't just hit "Backspace" and forget all about it. Even if I cross it out, it's still there. It makes me think more slowly. And focus more.

While I definetly prefer a computer for the actual writing process, my notebook is invaluble. I hate going anywhere without it (honestly. I really do. It's kind of pathetic).
I wonder how long it is going to take me to fill up my current notebook...

- Hannah


  1. I like your point that physical notetaking can be more valuable 'cause you can't just hit backspace... very true. :)
    I should carry a notebook everywhere, but don't. :P

  2. :)
    Haha, it's definetly been a life-saver for me on so many occasions!


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