Thursday, March 8, 2012


You might be wondering what noodles have to do with writing.
Truthfully, I wondered that myself.

See, I didn't know what to blog about today. On my OYAN status, I put, "I need ideas for a blog post", and within ten minutes I had gotten multiple responses.
Something Controversial.

At first I thought, Noodles? What? C'mon, that is just--wait just a second... I suddenly had an idea.

So I present to you Noodles & Plots.

A complicated yet well-done plot is like a plate of spaghetti, I think. And so is a well-developed character.

At the beginning of the book, it seems simple enough. You pull on one piece of literary spaghetti with your literary fork, and's not quite as simple. You end up with an entire tangle of noodles resting on your silverware.

You don't know where to begin, which piece connects there, and which piece on top is connected to the even larger pile beneath your fork.
And your knife of Plot Dissection? It went AWOL.

You end up doing what almost everybody else does: you swirl your fork through the spaghetti, twirling a good-sized bite onto it like a cocoon, and start eating.
As you do so, the tail ends still in the bowl start to untangle.

By the time you get to the bottom of the spaghetti-story, it all makes sense.
You now know why the protagonist hates X, why the sidekick freaks out about Y, why the friendly neighborhood mailman was just a little too friendly.
You untangled it one bit at a time. It was complicated, but not hopeless. Tangled, but not tied into an eternal knot.

Just like a plate of real noodles, you had to eat it before it became untangled. You had to start at the beginning, with Bite Number One, Paragraph Number One, and continue right through to the very last piece for it to all make sense, for your mind to "digest" it.

Noodles sono come trame! Magnifico.

- Hannah

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  1. I don't know if I like noodles...

  2. Then you shouldn't have suggested this topic ^.^

  3. I was supposed to be anonymous, was I not?

  4. Did you ask to remain anonymous?

  5. Christina AthertonMarch 10, 2012 at 9:10 PM

    awesome...i am beginning to like your other friends more and more...that was something a non writer like me could understand....:)

  6. I keep telling you that they are awesome people, lol. :)

  7. Hey Han,

    Great analogy! You're good at making abstract things concrete. :D

    *laughing at KP* So which one of them was it who suggested that?

    How ya doin', Han? Any closer to any decisions? Hope you're doing well.


    1. Haha, thanks, I try ;)
      The devious one. Need I say more? =P
      I'm doing pretty well. As to decisions, I'm still somewhat in limbo, though I've applied for several part-time jobs. Are you doing well?

  8. You do well. :)
    Hehe - no, say no more. :P
    Good! Yes, my prayers for wisdom and guidance have been answered in huge ways and I am so excited about life in general and the things in my future! God is awesome.

    1. Thank you :)
      Lol, that is what I thought XP
      That is wonderful! I'm really glad to hear that!

  9. Welcome. ;)
    Yup. Thought it was, I miss all you guys.
    It is! Thanks!
    Are you graduating this spring? I remember talking with you about that awhile ago...can't remember what you said you were doing.
    Oh, and what kinds of part-time jobs are you interested in?

    1. :)
      We miss you too! Is the writing coming pretty well?
      Welcome ;)
      Yes, LORD willing, that is the plan.
      As to jobs......almost anything, at the moment. Except fast-food. I don't really want a job in that field. So far I've applied for a retail job, vet assistant, and a job at a candy store.

  10. Aw, thanks. Writing's going okay. I have the rest of my novel completely planned out, so now I just need to write it! Only three chapters left... How's your writing coming?
    Good for you!
    I completely understand about not wanting to be in the fast food industry. :P I hope your job-searching goes well!
    Do you have any plans after graduation, or are you continuing to pray for wisdom over that?
    Still praying for you! :)

  11. It's true ;)
    Oh good! That is awesome. Mine is coming...going kind of slow, what with loads of school.
    Thanks, I hope it does too!
    At the moment my plans are: Go to the SW's this summer, get a part-time job, spend time outside, and finish up some of these writing projects. Then this fall I am going to take additional biology and chemistry, so I will be fully prepared for tech school, if all goes as I hope.
    Thanks :) Praying for you too!

  12. You're sweet.
    Yes, it is! How many books are you working on right now? Is your main one Hosanna House or Plague of Darkness? I know what slow going is like - I've been gone for half a year waiting for five chapters to write themselves! :P
    Oh, you're so lucky. I was really hoping to go to the SW's this summer, but I am graduating a year early and heading off to college in the fall, so I don't have money or time to go. :( Good for you! I grinned to see that you want to spend more time outside - that's a great priority. So often we forget to enjoy the world we were placed on. I didn't know you were planning on going to tech school! That's great!
    Welcome. And thanks. :)

    1. Lol. I try ;)
      Right now I'm working on Hosanna House, and NEED to get back to work on Plague of Darkness. Touche!
      Blessed is more like it...because at the moment I don't have a steady income, so saving up the money to go has been kind of hard. Congrats on graduating early! What are you planning on majoring in?
      Haha, yes, and last summer it was insanely hot and I was doing summer-school.
      Vet tech school, to be exact. And yeah, that is the plan!

    2. Haha. I thought it came effortlessly. ;)
      That's neat that you'll be able to go though. God is good. :) Thanks! I'm going to major in liberal arts (that's the only degree offered at the college I'm going to) but there's strong emphases in writing and music, so I'm gonna be in 7th heaven! :D
      Niiice. I forgot that you live in a hot, muggy climate.
      Oh, that's awesome! Will you be able to stay home and go to school, or are you going to move somewhere else?

  13. I wish ;)
    Yup! It isn't locked into place yet, but is looking like a pretty certain thing. Oh that sounds great!
    Yeah, I am just lucky like that, I guess =P
    I think I'll be able to stay home. Or move in with one of my grandparents, which I'll probably do during finals, etc., anyway--I study better in quiet, lol.

  14. ;)
    Is anything ever locked into place? Just picking your brain a little. ;) Awesome. :D That will be good for you. Are Eli and Anna and Reagan going?
    Yes, I am really looking forward to it. Lord willing, it will all come together.
    Haha, yeah, I guess. Does that make me lucky for living in a wet climate? :P
    That will be nice! Haha, that makes perfect sense. I study better quiet too...but sometimes I can distract myself from school (getting up, looking out windows, daydreaming, getting water, etc.) more than my sibs can (should that even be possible?). Lol.

  15. Touche ;)
    To the Workshops? Yup, unless something happens that changes their plans (which had better not happen!).
    I hope it does :)
    Mm...I don't know. I don't like insane amounts of rain, lol.
    Oh yeah, I am guilty of that myself!

  16. Haha. Just brought it up because I've been thinking about that a lot lately with college and decision making thinking, "I can't wait till this is totally hammered down and I have a 'for sure' plan!" And then God nudged me because His plan is the only 'for sure' plan, and all my human plans are subject to change. So then I started praying the words of that song by This Hope - "break my plans." But I digress. :P
    Awesome! *tries not to be jealous* But seriously, that will be good for all of you! How exciting!
    Haha...that's EXACTLY what we get here - insane amounts of rain. :P
    Yeah, unfortunately it's not too hard for me to do...

  17. Ooh, yeah....I know what you mean. I need a for sure plan!
    I wish you were coming too! We're all really excited :)

  18. Me too! ;)
    Me too. Glad for you guys though. I think it will be a good time for all of you. :)

  19. :)
    Thanks. I'm sure it will be!

  20. :)


    And yes, I'm being crazy and hyper today. Sue me. :P

  21. Replies
    1. I guess that's the only one I missed. Lol. Oh, and this one - XP

    2. 0:)

      ^you missed those too =P

  22. Oh my word. I forgot! My literacy in txt tlk is diminishing! :O How could I forget Eli's favorite >:D or Elsie's favorite - 0:) ?

    Heh. Or MY favorite - 8)

    We also made up an angel with a crooked halo...hmm...what was it. Something like this, I think... /:)

    *rollseyes at self* This is absurd. :P

    1. Oh dear...that isn't really a bad thing, though, you know ;)

      I like that one ^_^

      LOL, yes, quite absurd.

    2. Yeah...maybe not.

      This one? ^_^ Or this one? /:)

      I'm known for being weird. Absurdity (and stubbornness) must be in my gene pool somewhere... o_O XP

    3. ;)


      *laughs* I think it runs somewhere in the gene pool of every author =P

    4. I think you're right. :P


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