Thursday, March 15, 2012

As days go by... is building momentum and rushing by faster and faster.

This post will be a bit of a ramble, I'm afraid. At the moment I need to be cleaning, or working on my novel, but it is Thursday, so I'll do my best to write about something or other.

This weekend, some friends are coming over and we are going to take my senior pictures! I don't like having my picture taken very much, but I am really looking forward to it this time because I'll be doing it with three people that I love spending time with. So today my mom and I drove around for a while, "scoping out" potential spots to take the pictures. We found some pretty neat places!

It feels like April or May outside instead of March, how odd is that?
Thus...I did schoolwork outside, and loved every minute of it. Lying on the trampoline reading To Kill a Mockingbird for American Lit. and The Elements for chemistry is surprisingly relaxing.

The highlight of my day, however, is the package I received--an autographed copy of Jerry B. Jekin's book, Riven.
I am unashamedly a Riven fangirl, and yes, I nearly squealed when I opened the package (much thanks to the wonderful friend who gave me the book!)! My collection of autographed books and first-edition books is growing!

Writing is underway, albeit slowly, or so it feels. Two nights ago, I finally broke 25,000 words on my current novella. Plague of Darkness is still in its editing stage, which is kind of discouraging, but I'm hoping to complete it soon.

Well, I need to wrap this up and get some work done before supper. I'll end with a quote...

The rules have changed. True power is held by the person who possesses the largest bookshelf, not gun cabinet or wallet. - Anthony J. D'Angelo

- Hannah

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  1. Hey, have fun with your senior pics! Sounds like a great time! Yikes, I need to do that soon. o.O
    I wish it felt like April or May here! But snow isn't really helping with that springish picture...oh the joys of :P
    I haven't heard of Jerry B. Jenkins or Riven - what genre? Is it a series?
    Good job on hitting the 25,000 mark on your novella! And hang in there with PoD - at least you're IN the editing stage with that, unlike someone who shall remain nameless...
    God bless your day, dear friend. :)

    1. I'm planning on it!
      You still have snow? That stinks. I don't remember spring ever coming this early O_o
      It's a single book, and I guess the best genre I could place it in would be Christian Fiction, and the time-period is modern.
      Thanks :)
      And yours as well!

  2. Your life sounds dull...
    I know nothing about such lives. Mine is full of adventure and risk and lemonade. Especially lemonade.

    Or maybe it's full of school and books lately, like yours. :P

    Awesome about the pictures and the book, Hannah! And your novella sounds cool, too. This isn't Hosanna House, is it? Hope the senior pics go well this weekend. :D

    -The Devious One (and yes, that was just for you, Avi. Since you seem to frequent this place. ;))

    1. I know. I have zero excitement in my life and spend most of my day napping in the sunshine like one of my cats. /sarcasm


      Thanks! Yes, it's Hosanna House...I spent some time doing a rough this-is-what-needs-to-happen outline for it and am feeling more optimistic about it now.
      I hope so too. If the gorgeous day is any indicator of sucess, it's going to be awesome.

      This is a family-friendly site, by the way. Corvettes are welcome, but get rid of the champagne ;)

  3. @Han: So how'd the senior pics go? Hope it was fantastic! :D
    Uh, yeahh, we still have snow. It's blizzarding as I type. :P *groan*
    Riven sounds good! I love modern Christian fiction - probably why I like Alcorn and Peretti so much. :) Btw, have you ever heard of "the Veritas Conflict"? It's another good one, similar to Deadline in style. Another good portrayal of spiritual warfare and the war between truth and lies. It's by Shaunti Feldham.

    @Eli: Hah - last time I heard, it was chamoke... :P I do frequent this place. :) Miss you, old pal...err, partner in crime. :P

  4. They went great. Now I'm wading through the long sorting/editing process. The weather was perfect, and my friend got some really good shots :)
    Seriously? Wow. I do not envy you!
    Yeah. I haven't read much Peretti, but what I have read, I've liked a lot. No, I don't think so. It sounds good :)

    1. Fun stuff. :) Did you do it all in one place, or did you try several different locations? Cool!
      Ya...we've been having strange weather lately. Snow/rain/snow/sun/hail. It seems like I've been waking up to a blizzard each morning but by late afternoon the sun is coming out (or it's raining - much worse.)
      I want to read more of Peretti's books - the only one I've read is "The Prophet" (SO good!) but I really enjoyed it.
      Hey, do you know of any good books that fall into the English Lit. category that aren't terribly boring? :P I'm taking two English courses this year and I'm having trouble finding some good books to read for the Lit. class. Next on my list are Beowulf and Canterbury Tales but I need something a little more stimulating, or I'm going to go crazy. :P

    2. We did it in multiple places; our property, beneath a bridge/in a pedestrian tunnel, in an alleyway, and at a local park that has an old railroad track running through it.
      That is weird!
      Oh, Prophet is GREAT! I love that one. I just finished This Present Darkness and liked it a lot.
      English Lit.? Umm. If you'd asked me for American Lit, I could've given you several titles, but as for English.... =P What about some of Jane Austen's books? If I were you, I'd go drop a comment on Nairam's blog and ask her. I think she took English Lit. recently :)

  5. Awesome! Sounds like you had some premium spots to take pics!
    Ya...weird and annoying. But it's getting (slightly) better.
    I know it! Oh, my Mom loved This Present Darkness...I gotta read that...since I have so much time on my hands these days... :P
    Okay, American Lit. then - ANYTHING that would count for high school English! I was originally going for all British Lit., but Mom just said that it didn't need to be all British, since our program is so flexible. I've read Jane Austen and enjoyed her books but they are all very...similar, I guess. Yeah, I might ask Nairam - good idea. Thanks! :)

    1. We did, it was great :)
      Lol. It was good!
      Haha! American Lit...these are the ones I've read this year for it: "The Scarlet Letter", "To Kill a Mockingbird", "Up From Slavery", "Humorous Stories and Sketches", "Little Women", "Company Aytch", "Uncle Tom's Cabin", "In His Steps", and I have yet to read "The Giver".
      Oh, and how about some of Dicken's work, and some by Robert Louis Stevenson? I didn't like his "Treasure Island", but I did like "Kidnapped". :)
      I've read one Jane Austen to-date and have several on my shelves waiting for me. ^_^
      :) You're welcome!

    2. Awesome. :)
      What's so funny? :P Okay, I've read a couple of those. Good ideas. What did you think of The Scarlet Letter? One of my friends said it was a really difficult read, but he didn't say what it was about...
      Dickens is on my list. :) Kidnapped was a great movie, but I haven't read the book. God idea though!
      I love the stories, but after awhile her style became too repetitive for me. But I still enjoyed her stories.

    3. :)
      Your comment about "ANYTHING that will count!" =P
      I liked The Scarlet Letter a lot. The style is very old, which does make it difficult to read at times, but I've been reading old books for years so it didn't bother me much. It was about a woman who had had an affair, and how society at that time dealt with such things.
      I haven't seen the movie..
      Oh, and The Scarlet Pimpernel! =D
      Yeah, my mom and I are working our way through the movie adaptations now, so I know what you mean :)

    4. Haha. *grinning irl*
      I don't mind old books at all - in fact, the classics are some of my favorites. Scarlet Letter sounds good! And actually, I just started Beowulf and I didn't know this, but it's a poem! Written in Anglo-Saxon and translated to English. It's really good, even though the translation doesn't rhyme as well as the original language did.
      Yes! I loved "the Scarlet Pimpernel"! Did you know there's a whole series?
      The new movies or the old ones? There are so many versions out there now. I just watched the newest BBC P&P and S&S and they were both great. :D
      *grins because someone FINALLY is as avid a reader as I am* :P

    5. =P
      Same here. Have you ever read "The Hidden Hand" or "The Brethren"?
      Oh how neat! I remember reading that, though I haven't read the poem itself.
      Yes, the friend who got me to read "The Scarlet Pimpernel" told me it's a series but I haven't read any of the others in the series yet.
      The new ones--we haven't watched any of the BBC ones yet, though I have one or two of them on loan from a friend. Awesome :)

    6. No, I haven't read either, though I think I've heard of "The Hidden Hand."
      It's amazing how many references to God there are in the poem - I was pleasantly surprised!
      Me neither. Have you seen the movie of "the Scarlet Pimpernel?" Its ending is totally different than the book...but it's still a good story, if you forget that it's /supposed/ to be based on a book. :P

    7. I think you'd like them both :)
      That's great! I just might have to read it...I think I have it, somewhere.
      Yes! The one with Jane Seymour and Anthony Andrews? I LOVE it ^_^

    8. Alright, I'm adding them to my list! :)
      It's really interesting so far - I'm about halfway through. I have a version where the Anglo-Saxon is on page, and the English is on the opposite page. Just skimming over the Anglo-Saxon makes me REALLY wish I knew that language - it looks so neat!
      YES! That one. :D It's so awesome. My brother and I often go around saying, "they seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere..." and "sink me" in his accent and then we die laughing. :P

    9. Great!
      Oh that sounds cool...
      Haha, my brother and I do that too! And we'll also say "What is it these Frenchies say? Touche?" and "Odd's life/odd's fish" =P

    10. :D Hey, have you ever heard of/read "The Fiddler's Gun" and "The Fiddler's Green" by Andrew Peterson? They're really good examples of using good plot twists and taking the reader where he/she totally was not expecting to go.
      Really? That's so funny that we both do that with our bros! I don't remember the line "odd's life/odd's fish" though...what scene was that in?

    11. Btw, I love your new profile pic! Is that one of your grad ones?

    12. No, I haven't. Oh that just reminded me...another book that would probably count as English Lit.: Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians." Now THAT book has great plot twists!
      Yes, it is funny! Mmm....scene...scene...I can't remember what scene. I think he says it several times.
      Thanks! Yeah, it is :)

    13. Andrew Peterson also has a few music CDs out. Sorta country-style but not totally country. Here's one of my favorites of his:

      Oh, I've heard a lot about Agatha Christie but...*blush*, never read any of her books. I'll add it to my list! Thanks for all the suggestions - you've been really helpful!
      :P Okay. ;)
      You're welcome! Cool. Railroads are just plain awesome.

  6. Oh, I've never heard of him before...his style is cool :)

    I've only read two of her books =P You're welcome!
    :) Yeah, they are.


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