Thursday, March 1, 2012

[Review] Safely Home

Safely HomeSafely Home by Randy Alcorn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. This book was absolutely wonderful, and very easily one of the best "serious" fiction books I have read in a while.

I'm not going to give a whole overview because I don't want to spoil it.

While I could see some of the plot twists coming, there were others that I didn't see. The central characters were all well-rounded, and China, the government, etc. all felt very real. The contrast between the American, Ben, and the Chinese, Quan, was quite marked in mannerisms and such. I liked the contrast.
The sections of the book that were written from the perspectives of the Chinese characters had a distinctive feel to them, due to the way those sections were phrased, the similies and analogies used, and the thought processes of the characters. The tones in those parts of the book felt distinctively Asian, and that added a lot of personality to the novel.

It was a great way to convey what the Underground Church in China is experiencing. I almost cried, and would've felt like something was wrong with me if I hadn't.

If I could give it 10 stars, I would. I highly recommend it. Read it--you won't regret it.

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- Hannah


  1. Awesome book! I think I did cry when I read it. I've grown up with a man who spent 12 years in a Chinese labor camp for his faith. This book was a wonderful, thought provoking read about the persecuted church in China. Those believers are heroes.

  2. And guess who got it for me? ;)
    Yes--they ARE heroes!

  3. I loved that book! I'm not all the way through it yet, but so far its been awesome. Have you read Randy Alcorn's Deadline trilogy? It's really good too - I just finished it. It moves at a faster pace, I think, and there's more mystery involved, but his great portrayals of heaven are similar to Safely Home. All his books have made me even more excited for heaven.

    1. :)
      No, I have read "Deception" but not the other two yet. I need to read them!
      Have you read "Edge of Eternity"? I didn't like that one nearly as much.

  4. The other two are great - I like how he covers different current issues in each book, from abortion to racial prejudice, gangs and corrupt journalism.
    No, I haven't read that one, but I saw your review on it. I don't remember now, is that one a mystery and/or novel, or is it more like "Heaven" (non-fiction, Biblical truth)?

  5. Neat! They are on my to-read list.
    It is an allegorical novel.

  6. Great. :) It sounds like you have a big to-read list! Or at least a big goal - 100 books - that's awesome!
    Oh, okay.
    Btw, have you read the Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis? It's allegorical too, about heaven...but it sort of went over my head. :P But I guess it doesn't take much to do that. ;)

    1. Ha, I do, I really do.....
      No I haven't, it sounds good though :)

    2. That's cool though. I wish I had more time on my hands for reading...*extended sigh*
      I need to reread it; the first time through I was trying to figure out the allegories and couldn't do it easily. :P

    3. I know what you mean! It has been hard for me to find time lately. American Lit for my history course has helped a lot ;)
      *chuckles* That's always fun though.

  7. I know - life just flies by sometimes. Ooh, niiice. Perfect.
    Yuppers, it is. :P


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