Friday, January 6, 2012

And the revising continues...

I thought I was almost finished with Plague of Darkness, the second book in The Arindraen Series.

I really did.

It had undergone roughly 9 edits. It had grown from around 22k words to 47k. I don't know how many hours I put into it, but however many, it certainly had been a lot. I had the covers designed, and everything almost ready to go. The story seemed locked into place, in text and in my head.

Then it happened: I got some more highly constructive feedback from a writer-friend.

It completely burst my I'm-almost-finished-and-might-meet-my-deadline bubble...and sent me back to revising. Major revising!

It's been pretty hard in some ways, because I have read the manuscript so many times.

My brain has kind of "locked it in", and doesn't seem to want to unlock very easily.

Over the past week, I've been slowly unlocking it. The lock is very stubborn, but now I have the lock off, and I'm beginning to pry open the door.

The novella, you see, wasn't in chronological order. It went like this:

- Present for several chapters.

- Jump back in time for 3/4ths of the book.

- Leap back to present for the remainder of the story.

And that must have messed up the strength of Teague's central goal, because several of my readers thought that the story-goal could be stronger and more apparent.

I've put it all into chronological order now, and I'm adding some more details that will hopefully strengthen the goal.

One thing that I have learned through all of this? Try to keep an open mind when it comes to storyline and plot. Allowing your brain to lock it too tightly makes it very hard when major revisions are needed!

Chazak Amats,
- Hannah

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  1. This makes me slightly worried about my plan to mix up the chronological order of Quintessence. :P

  2. I think the issue was not that I mixed up the order, but that I mixed up the order too much. Since 3/4ths of the book was out-of-order, it really messed with some of my readers when it jumped back to "present".

    We'll let you know if it's confusing in Quintessense ;)

    Chazak Amats,
    - Hannah

  3. Hi, Hannah! This is my first time on your new blog. Looks wonderful! You already have some great new posts.

    I have been in very similar situations in my own writing, trying to figure out which part should be a "flash-back" and which parts should simply be put at the beginning.

    I always enjoy hearing about your writing! Oh, and anytime that you're posting about books or writing, you should stop by my blog to link up your posts in Sharing Our Bookshelves. :~)

    ~ Tarissa
    { In the Bookcase }

  4. Hello, Tarissa!
    Thank you so much!

    Oh how lovely. It sure is an adventure all of its own, hm?

    I shall have to remember that--that's a great idea!

    - Hannah


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