Monday, December 19, 2011


Hello, and welcome to Sword of Ink!
This site is currently underway, and updates will (hopefully) be appearing frequently, as I am in the middle of carrying over posts from a former blog to this website.
Please check back soon! If all goes as planned, this site will be completed in the very near future.

Chazak Amats,
- Hannah


  1. Hannah!  Hey, how are you?  Congratulations on your newest publishing - Take This!  How exciting is that?!  

    This is Avi from OYAN - I know, it's been forever.  School and work and college studies have kept me so busy.  Aaand...I haven't been working at a very quick rate on my current novel...which is why I'm still gone from the forum.

    So how have you been?  How is life?  How is the Howdy7 doing?  I miss you all so incredibly much - you all are on my heart and in my prayers so much.  How is your writing coming?  How is KP?  I was on that site and found your old blog again, but for some reason it won't let me comment on it, so I thought I'd pop in here to say hi.  How are Anna and Eli and Reagan and Matt and Eric?  I've talked here and their with Anna, Eli and Reagan, which has been nice.

    Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of and praying for you often - been praying that you will be uplifted and encouraged by the goodness and faithfulness of God, that He will sustain and protect you from the devil's attacks, and that you will continue to grow ever closer to our Lord and Savior. I miss you so much.  I hope you had an awesome Christmas/New Year's.   I'll check back to the comments here, so let me know if I can pray for anything specific for you.

    Love ya, sis.  *hugs*
    Hold fast,

  2. Avi! I miss you!

    Thanks :) While it's a (very short) short story, it has still been exciting!

    Oh hurry up and write, girlie. You can expand it when you edit, right?

    I have been doing well. Incredibly busy with school and such. Life, full of ups and downs, just like always. We miss you tons! Writing is coming along pretty well, and KP is growing! Since Reagan's been working on some publicity, there are a lot more subscribers.
    Ah, well, my old blog....I don't like the interface. It's been acting up ever since the site host switched interfaces. That's part of the reason I made a new site. I'm so glad you commented here =D
    They are all doing okay. I think God must have decided that this past year/coming year is to be a learning curve for us all, and somehow, we're all surviving it.

    Thanks so much. I really appriciate it!
    I did--I had a great Christmas and New Year's!
    Right now...I think I need prayers for wisdom. There are a lot of things I am having to think through and decide upon.
    I'll be praying for you too--anything specific? *hugs back*

    - Hannah
    ~Chazak Amats~

  3. So good to hear back from you, Han! I tried posting a comment on your old blog several times, and I'm so glad this one worked!!

    How awesome - you're inspiring me, and I'm so excited for you. :D

    I will, I will! Um, yes and no - I just thought of a neat allegory I can weave into my story, so now I think it will take longer to finish, but I'm excited for it.

    Great to hear. Yes, life can be busy...and it seems to ALWAYS be busy these days! And definitely full of ups and downs. I'm glad your writing is going well - how is Hosanna House going? I just heard from Reagan and Eli when I subscribed to KP - how neat that it's going well!

    Ah, yup - blog hosts - I'm glad the comments worked here too.

    I am glad you all are okay. I know what you mean - I've had a year like that too. But keep on trusting, and keep remembering God's faithfulness towards us. I continue to lift you all up in prayer - if our God is for us then who can rise against us?

    You are welcome. It is a joy to pray for you all.
    Awesome! I'm glad! :D
    I'm in the same spot, so I know whatcha mean. I will definitely be praying for that specifically for you. Sorta funny, awhile ago God put it on my heart to pray for wisdom in decisions for you, so that's cool, I've prayed for that for you some already.
    Honestly, I am going thru some big decisions too, and having some church/friend issues on top of that, so if you could pray for guidance and grace for me in both of those areas I would be thankful. I love ya, girlie!
    Hold fast,

  4. I'm so glad this one worked too!


    Good. Oh, that sounds great. I've read some really neat allegories in the past.

    It certainly is and can be! Hosanna House is coming slowly but surely; most of my focus is on Plague of Darkness at the moment. Yes, the "growth explosion" with KP has been incredibly exciting!

    Thanks. Yep, exactly.

    Thanks so much :) Really? Wow. I love hearing about God Things like that. I'll definetly be praying for you too.

    - Hannah

  5. Me too. ;)

    Yes, and I finished another chapter just the other day! It felt so good to write fiction again.

    Yuppers. Awesome - Plague of Darkness is the sequel to Called, right? I'm sure it has! :D

    You're welcome. I know - God is amazing. Thanks a lot - I really appreciate it.

    How's your day going? Whatcha up to?

    Have a great afternoon. :)

  6. :)

    Good for you! I'm trying to finish one for Hosanna House and it's...coming...slowly but surely.

    No, actually, PoD is the PREquel to Called. =D

    :) Yup! You're welcome.

    My day has been long but pretty good. We had a birthday in the family today. Birthdays are starting to make me feel old(er) =P How about you?

    Thanks :)
    - Hannah

  7. My whole book is coming slowly but surely - I started writing and for once it just flowed and I had a million ideas on how to improve - that hasn't happened in FOREVER! :P So I was excited.

    That's right - I'd forgotten it was the prequel. Is it harder to write about events that lead up to Called, or is that making it easier to write since you know the ending of the entire story?


    That's fun - was it your bday? Dang it, I'm forgetting all the forum bdays. :O Haha, isn't it weird that you start feeling older on birthdays? I do the same thing. We have some family in town visiting, and we all got together tonight for a ham dinner, so it was good. I am getting all prepped for the SAT at the end of the month, so I studied for that all day before work...I'm nervous about it. Anyway, I had a good day. Busy, but good. Hey, have you heard the new song from Building 429 called "Where We Belong"? (Or maybe it's not that new - I haven't listened to a whole bunch of their songs lately.) It's really good - it is so relieving sometimes to know that this earth isn't "it". That there's something more, beyond imagination's wildest dreams, to hope for and long for expectantly - to *know* it's real and true....I honestly can't wait, Han...what an awesome day that will be.

    Anytime. ;)
    Hold fast to His promises!

  8. Oh goodness do I know that feeling!

    In some ways it's easier, and in some ways it's harder, because things that I said happened in Called have thrown a few glitches into the prequels' plots, because I couldn't just leave them out, and had to make them fit somehow.

    No, it was one of my brother's birthday's. Mine was before Christmas. Yes! It's very weird, and yet, not.
    That sounds nice; we're having family over this weekend, and saw other relatives last weekend.
    I hope that goes well! I'm sure you'll do great.
    I think I might have heard it on K-Love; it sounds familiar. Oh yes definetly! I am in full agreement.

    Chazak Amats!
    - Hannah

  9. It feels grand! :P

    Oh, that makes sense. Is this going to be a trilogy or a two book series?

    Got it. ;) Is yours in November (shot in the dark here...)? You turned 18, right? Haha, yup.
    It was nice - I wish my extended family's visits weren't so few and far between.
    Yikes- me too. I've been studying hard, so I think it'll be okay. Strangely enough, the hardest part for me right now is writing a good essay in 25 minutes - I hate that time crunch feeling! And it's annoying looking back and knowing I could've written a great essay if I'd had an hour or 45 minutes.
    I think I have heard it on k-love several times - in fact, I got it as a free download from their website this week. Yes, it will be awesome.
    Are you getting all ready for graduation this spring? Do you have any big projects coming up/plans for your grad. ceremony or anything?

    Hold fast,

  10. :)

    Yes. No, it's a four-part series. I need to edit the third book a lot more, and straighten out the plotline for the fourth book and then write it.

    No, December :) And yes, I did. By the way, do you have Facebook?
    Lol. I'm very blessed to live close to my family.
    Good! I'm sure you'll do just fine.
    Oh how nice! I love how they give away downloads. :)
    I'm trying! Right now it pretty much involves focusing very hard on school and looking for senior picture ideas. Projects...right now, I'm trying very hard to get Plague of Darkness ready to publish. For my graduation, we're having an open house and my parents want a ceremony. I don't know exactly what it will be thought ;)
    Have you graduated yet?

    - Hannah


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