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I haven’t done a character post for a while. So next up is Quinn!

He was Teague’s best friend, also a slave, the only person Teague trusted for about five years or so. They meet when Teague was 11 and Quinn was about 16. He is usually quiet and non-confrontational, unless something he really cares about/believes in is at stake. But he also has a good sense of humor, and around friends loosens up and is himself a lot more. Noble too, but you’ll see why in a moment. But first, some background on him:

He is a Kaeren, a nomadic people-group that travel in the area where the borders of England, Arindrae and Dakron meet. He has the typical blonde-brown hair of the Kaerens, and brown eyes. His hair isn’t as long as a lot of men wore it in the Middle Ages, but covers his forehead and tries to hang in his eyes, being just slightly too short to do so. Kind of like what a lot of guys wear their hair like today; almost sheep-doggish but not quite. He’s kind of average in height and weight, tanned, and strong.

His clan was attacked by raiders, and at that point in time, the Kaerens were not warrior-ly at all. Fighting back would have been suicide, so they gave into the demands of their attackers and turned over a group of young men and woman as captives. Picked by lot, Quinn’s sister was one of the chosen. But he found out before she did, and insisted that he be sent instead because he was worried over what could happen to her. He wound up in Runnelfield, Dakron. Having a way with animals, he was valued for his skill in working with the cattle and horses especially. When he was younger, before the attack, he was a promising horseman. But now he isn’t allowed to ride.

A scar splashed across his right cheek, and several others that run from his upper shoulder down his upper arm are a constant reminder of his strong sense of right and wrong; a fellow slave escaped, and Quinn refused to saddle the horses for Loran and his men to chase the escapee. He got punched for being defiant--even though he managed to stay respectful during all that-- and fell into a brazier of hot coals, subsequently getting burned.

Along with Teague, he made plans to someday escape, but has much more patience than his friend, and is willing to play the ‘game’ until Loran and his overseers think he’s cowed enough that he won’t try anything. His quiet faith in God keeps him going, and as he grows older he begins to wish more and more that he had paid attention when he had the chance to learn more about Him.

Keeping Teague in line is a full-time job, or so it seems, and Quinn is the only one that (through most of their story) Teague respects and will listen to. They are like brothers, and make quite a pair; balancing each other out.

Well, there you have it; an overview of the awesome Quinn ^.^ I can’t tell much more or it would give away *SPOILER REMOVED*!



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