Thursday, September 22, 2011

I miss Jer...

[Re-post from former blog]

Tonight I am missing my Shadow of Glory bunch. They have been surprisingly well-behaved in my head since I finished working on the initial draft of the book, and I miss Jerome especially. Even his sarcastic comments.

Out of all of my characters, he is one of my top two favorites (yes, now I am publically admitting it).

He’s multi-faceted, stubborn, funny, courageous, impulsive, afraid, sarcastic (sometimes at the worst moments), loving, hateful, driven, apathetic, questioning, hopeful, despairing, blunt, annoying, awesome…

He’s human.

Since I am missing him…I made him a Wordle =P Several, actually. But here’s one.


He didn’t like most of the ones I made, including this one, because several of the words he wishes I hadn’t added are highlighted in red. Whatever =P


- Hannah

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