Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Official: Called is Published

Yes, it’s true. After two years of hard work, sweat, tears, and love…my first book, Called is published.

It is a very strange, amazing feeling.

It all started with an idea. A “What if”. Then along came the One Year Adventure Novel, which revolutionized my writing.

The stacks upon stacks of different revisions of the manuscript I printed off to get feedback on…the late nights, the frustration, the times I wanted to pull my hair out.




The comments that made me laugh. The moments of elation.


The strange, amazing phenomenon that occurred when many of my characters became alive. When I couldn’t force them to do something “out of character”, when Teague threatened to put a snowball down my neck — and I threatened in return to ban him from talking to his best friend for two days straight.

When I discovered boredom was a thing of the past. Who had time to be bored? Too many things to pray about, to daydream about, too many aspects of my book/s to think through, too many characters to talk to.

The week I borrowed a sword from some friends of ours and went nuts taking pictures of it. My very first cover design.


The morning I IMed Dad, almost screaming in excitement because someone liked it; someone I wasn’t related to, someone I hadn’t even met in person, someone I only knew online via the OYAN forum, liked my book.

The day I cried while writing, when the screen went blurry as I blinked through tears.

Then the night I literally bounced around the house: it was done.

Publisher-shopping. Drooling over shiny covers and expensive publishing packages. Then decided that I would do it: I would get this book published…in time for my mom’s birthday.

And now, it’s complete.

It’s published.

It is…



…my story. The first in the Arindraen Series. It’s been worth it.

I love this book.

(note: the first edition has a few grammatical/formatting errors that I have as yet to correct; ones I didn’t find until after the fact. They will be corrected soon, however)


- Hannah

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