Friday, May 20, 2011

[Excerpt] Shadow of Glory, part of Chapter 11

[re-post from my former blog]

Excerpt from Chapter 11 of my current novel, Shadow of Glory.

“How much did Stanislav pay Marc to pay you?”

That was it. I shoved away from the table and stood up. “I’m sick of answering your stupid questions! He didn’t pay me! Nobody paid me. Got it? So shut up and get me outta here.”

Anteater nodded to Six. Six jumped forward, and before I could move, curled his beefy arm around my neck and slammed me against his chest. I couldn’t breathe. I clawed at his arm but he didn’t budge. He dug his Glock into my temple. I tried to scream; all he did was tighten his grip.

I’m gonna die…

“Now, who paid you?”

I shook my head as best as I could. I couldn’t talk.

“You’re going to stick with that, kid?” The gun was pushed even harder against my head.

They were going to shoot me. For something I had no part in. Great plan…refuge. What a lie. I tried to nod. My head pounded. My chest burned.

I’d never been so scared.


I shut my eyes. I’m sorry, Momma.


I really didn’t abandon you…


I don’t wanna die.


What’s on the other side?


I don’t wanna die… I waited for…what, I didn’t know. Pain? Or just sudden…nothingness?

- Hannah Mills Copyright (C) 2011. All rights reserved. Please don’t re-quote this without prior written consent.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Official: Called is Published

Yes, it’s true. After two years of hard work, sweat, tears, and love…my first book, Called is published.

It is a very strange, amazing feeling.

It all started with an idea. A “What if”. Then along came the One Year Adventure Novel, which revolutionized my writing.

The stacks upon stacks of different revisions of the manuscript I printed off to get feedback on…the late nights, the frustration, the times I wanted to pull my hair out.




The comments that made me laugh. The moments of elation.


The strange, amazing phenomenon that occurred when many of my characters became alive. When I couldn’t force them to do something “out of character”, when Teague threatened to put a snowball down my neck — and I threatened in return to ban him from talking to his best friend for two days straight.

When I discovered boredom was a thing of the past. Who had time to be bored? Too many things to pray about, to daydream about, too many aspects of my book/s to think through, too many characters to talk to.

The week I borrowed a sword from some friends of ours and went nuts taking pictures of it. My very first cover design.


The morning I IMed Dad, almost screaming in excitement because someone liked it; someone I wasn’t related to, someone I hadn’t even met in person, someone I only knew online via the OYAN forum, liked my book.

The day I cried while writing, when the screen went blurry as I blinked through tears.

Then the night I literally bounced around the house: it was done.

Publisher-shopping. Drooling over shiny covers and expensive publishing packages. Then decided that I would do it: I would get this book published…in time for my mom’s birthday.

And now, it’s complete.

It’s published.

It is…



…my story. The first in the Arindraen Series. It’s been worth it.

I love this book.

(note: the first edition has a few grammatical/formatting errors that I have as yet to correct; ones I didn’t find until after the fact. They will be corrected soon, however)


- Hannah