Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fainting/passing out/going unconscious: whatever way you want to term it

[slightly edited re-post from my former blog]

So, yes. The dreaded moment that occurs to many people…but seems to be more popular among the book-people sort.

Well. So many people – including myself – tend to write that “everything went black”, or something along those cliched lines as we describe the last few lucid moments before our beloved character slips into the abyss of unconsciousness (wow, I honestly have NO IDEA why I’m being so wordy right now. I just feel like it. Sorry!). Which is perfectly fine, because cliches like that are cliche because they are quite true.

However, I have recently had some slight personal experience. Nothing too dramatic, thankfully! When I was about ten years old, I was knocked unconscious for about three seconds, and things did go black.

About three weeks ago, though, I was having a normal afternoon at the clinic. I had a headache, which isn’t too unusual, but was okay. I was asked to help hold a dog that was being cathed because he had bladder stones. No big deal, right? So I did, and was really surprised at how well the poor little dog was cooperating. The light over the table is one that puts off a lot of heat. We hadn’t been there long when I started to get very sweaty, but again, not really a big deal. Time passed. It was interesting; the Doc was kind enough to talk through a lot of what she was doing, so I could see exactly what was going on.

My headache grew worse, and I was literally coated with sweat. Then the oddest things began happening. I began to feel dizzy, my hearing started to get, well, muddy – like I was underwater. And my vision began to go white, like an over-exposed photograph. I knew I couldn’t stand much longer; I’d fall over and maybe pass out if I didn’t sit down. Thankfully, just as I was going to ask if they could call someone else in to help, they finished.

So that was my nearly passing-out experience. It doesn’t always go black. Sometimes it goes white, fuzzy, and…swimmy. Lame word, I know, but it really did feel that way! Next time I write about a character going unconscious, I think I’ll base part of it off of this and switch things up for a change. Just for fun ;)



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