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Cedric features largely in Called, and in Fate by Proxy. My mom has given him her “favorite character” status out of all the ones she has read about in Called. But I think that once she reads Fate by Proxy, she will be quite frustrated with him!

In Called, he is wise, steady, loyal, and a faithful Christian. In his early/mid forties he’s a family-man and has learned his lessons well.

In Fate by Proxy he is somewhat brash, is swayed by promises of power and money, and has a wavering – at best – faith in God. He’s in his early twenties; a young knight who is trying to gain good enough status in the eyes of his fiancee’s father that he can marry her. Since he is the third (if I remember correctly. I have it written down somewhere.) son in his family, he’s poor…because according to the customs in the 12th century, the oldest son pretty much inherited everything from his father and the younger sons basically had to fend for themselves. Thus when he is offered a promising position under the men trying to destroy one of his closest friends, he accepts. First in the name of spying for his friend, but then his resolve begins to waver.

Born in Kaspia, Arindrae, his full name is Cedric de Kaspia, “de” meaning “of”. Surnames of the sort we have today weren’t very common during the 1100′s, but people often took on the name of their hometown or occupation (i.e. Jack le Weaver, Richard de London), their father’s name (oldest sons usually. i.e. William Bruce), or a specific trait (i.e. Mark le Red). He’s of average height, about 6′, and his build is kind of stocky. He has gray eyes, black hair (a beard too in Called), and a slightly dark skin-tone. When thinking or frustrated, he has a perpetual habit of rubbing the back of his neck.

This is what he looks like in Called:

His personality, when younger, is much more impulsive and less prone to thinking things through than when he is older – and after he deals with some devastating consequences due to his actions. He’s also, in Called, the second-best swordsman in all of Arindrae.

I have more, I think, but…school calls. Ah well.

One more thing: I love Cedric.

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