Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks, Father!

[Slightly edited re-post from former blog]

Today I celebrated Thanksgiving like I’m sure many people in America do: my family had a pitch-in at my grandma’s house. Lots of good food and family time, eating too many baked beans and too much Sugar Cream pie, oh, and don’t forget the ham, rolls and pumpkin pie.

Parts of today weren’t very good at all. My autistic brother had a major melt-down, and while we were at my grandma’s house, all the little kids – my brothers and younger cousins – were nuts! Honestly!

And sometimes it’s a bit hard to feel very grateful, especially when trying to work and get things done while your brother is screaming. Or while slogging through a muddy barnyard when you just so happened to discover that your boot has a leak in it.

But then…

…I really do have so much to be thankful for, and so many people to be thankful to. Like…

~ Father YHWH and Yeshua Messiah. He is my Father, my Rock, my Pilot. I really am the daughter of the King.

~ Family. Even though family life can be rocky, God put us all together for a reason and I love them to death.

~ Friends. They are my second family. And sometimes they help me stay sane! They are a blessing and I love ‘em so much.

~ My Brothers and Sisters in Christ, especially those that I know personally, and the others whose testimonies I hear and lives I look up to, strengthening my faith as I read about how they stand firm in countries where being a follower of Christ is illegal.

~ My animals. They never verbally talk back to me and they’re always available when I’m having a bad day.

~ Books! For years they (and animals) were my friends when I only had one human friend that lived a long ways away.

~ Technology. From cameras to computers, I’m amazed at how many things people have been able to design. Even in a MP3 Player, I see God’s Mighty Hand. Because honestly, if we evolved from pond scum, how in the world could we have the genius to create such things?

~ The Great Outdoors. I’m a Country Girl. Give me woods, fields, gullies, trails, and streams. Butterflies, coyotes, hawks, dolphins and snakes. I love almost any creature, and love simply wandering through cornfields, woods, etc., especially when I have my camera with me.

~ The Constitution, our Founding Fathers, and the ideals and application of a Constitutional Republic. I’m an American who loves her nation. Yes, I am ofttimes frustrated (and sometimes downright mad) with the path she is taking and the men and women paving that path, but the ideal that our country was founded on was pure. A place where a people – under God – could live, worship, work, and live out their lives and dreams in a place where Justice, Morality, a strong local government and a small federal government, were put into place. Our Founding Fathers, even though not all of them were “Christian” per se, had the character and Biblical morals instrumental in creating a great country, and even the non-Christians realized that God must play a central part in any successful nation.

~ The Freedom to worship YHWH without fear of man. This is slowly being lost, I’m afraid. And it will take some radical steps to keep it from going further. But we can’t give up.

~ Coffee. Or, more correctly, good coffee. Yeah, lame, I know, but…I love it.

~ Wind. Except for when I hate it.

~ Music. Well, most music. Screamo, hard rock and rap are not up my alley. But there’s nothing like a thrilling movie score, an Irish dance, an upbeat pop or rock song to get you moving, a heart-cry or a praise to Father, or a put-you-to-sleep piano piece.

~ Writing. I. Love. To. Write. It’s one of my several “creative outlets”, and I love (almost) every aspect of it.

~ Reading. I’d go nuts if I couldn’t read!! Already this year I’ve finished 71 books…and a lot of them have been of the deep sort, lol.

~ A good job with awesome Christian bosses. I can’t even begin to say how much of a blessing this has been! Not only do I get to work with/around animals, but it’s close to home and the people I’m working for/with are great and a good influence.

~ My Church. Even though I don’t know many people, Pastor C is cool, the people are pretty nice, the sermons always make me think, and the worship time is wonderful.

…if I went on any further I could be here all night ^.^

So, thank You, Father.

And Happy Thanksgiving, everyone =D