Friday, September 3, 2010

Victoria--or rather, Tori

[Slightly edited re-post from my former blog]

Okay, so I have a slew of awesome characters. And I had a lot of fun doing that post about Teague, so I'm going to make a thing out of it and try to do one a week. Except for next week unless I am lucky enough to beg, borrow, or otherwise gain access to a computer with internet because I'm going to be out of town.

Victoria is next up on my list. She is my MC in Called, and is also going to be in the sequel I am currently outlining.

And I love her. She's awesome.

She prefers to go by Tori, and is currently 16, although in the sequel she is going to be about 20. A Dakronite by birth but an Arindraen by destiny, she has grown up knowing what persecution means. In Dakron, Christianity is outlawed and her parents were two of the many that paid with their lives for breaking that law. Having grown up in the forest, she is an expert with a longbow, and during the course of her story, learns how to use a sword as well. She also has a basic knowledge of medicine and herbs.

With slightly wavy, dark brown hair that reaches the small of her back, intense blue eyes and slightly tanned skin, she is of average height and slender. Due to all of her hard work and use of the longbow, she is a lot stronger than she looks.

As to her personality? I see parts of myself in her too! She isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even when it hurts. Having loved her former life, she struggles with trading it for a future that is at best shaky and at worst life-threatening. She can be a bit headstrong and outspoken at times, but usually knows when to keep her mouth shut and simply follow those older and wiser than herself. One of her biggest struggles that she has to face is being underground. When she was younger, a tunnel collapsed on top of her, and ever since, being underground turns her into a panicked, claustrophobic mess. And of course, being the authoress that I am...I make sure I put her in that situation at least once. For some reason she wasn't very happy with me during that scene. Imagine that. But she loves people and will try to be almost anybody's friend, and is a rather good listener. Originally, she was going to be the quiet, reserved one and her brother (who shall also get his own post) was going to be more outgoing, et cetera. However, it didn't turn out that way! She is the much more friendly and easy-to-get-to-know of the two, as well as much more impulsive and talkative. How odd...I think they like to throw me for loops.

Sadly I don't have a good drawing of her. Yet. And boy have I tried. I think the problem is that I see what she looks like so clearly -and actually she kind of looks like one of my friends in some ways- that I get frustrated when my hand and mind won't work together to create a perfect likeness. Grr.

I think that's it? Oh yeah, and she's reminding me: in the sequel, she and Teague wind up a couple. And that she loves horses and wants to try hawking (she does? Since when?). And that she dislikes dressing up and sometimes wishes she could leave Arindrae and the palace and the whole life of being a Zafar (Arindrae's royal family) and simply go back to being Victoria of Parridon and see Shael and all her friends again.

Okay. Now I think that's it. If not, well...she'll have to just pipe down and deal with it. Or I'll just be nice and come back and edit this post.



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