Saturday, September 25, 2010


[Slightly edited re-post from my former blog]

Christian Zafar is Tori’s brother, and her twin. He is the quiet sort, and rather deep. I haven’t quite figured him out yet. He doesn’t talk very much, but when he does have something to say, most of the time you want to sit up and take notice because it is normally well-thought-out, true, and worth listening to. Somehow he ended up noble and awesome and just plain cool without me even really planning it. He was supposed to be the wild card, but he had different ideas!
His faith in God is unshakable, and he didn’t struggle as much as his sister did with how their life changed. Or if he did, he hid it so well that I didn’t notice.
He looks a lot like Tori; very dark brown hair, intense blue eyes. He’s about 5’8″, at least at the moment– he’s not done growing yet. An expert hunter and archer, he is strong, fast, and quiet. Right now he’s 16, but in the sequel he is going to be about 20.I’m hoping he will be more talkative in the sequel. He mentioned the other day – when a friend and I were talking about that in an email – that he really does have a lot to say, he just has to find the exactly right words to use. Which should come easier with age? We shall see. I’m planning on putting him through a lot during the sequel, so if that doesn’t make him talk, nothing will!
He’s very much a leader, too, although you might not know it at first. He is the quiet, yet firm, sort of leader. One that people probably like being led by. And he’s protective of his sister. I like him a bunch. He’s rock-solid and steady and as trustworthy as they come.
See now? Isn’t he cool? Okay, so it’s not the greatest, but it’s decently close to what he looks like.

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