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Teague and his novel(la), Plague of Darkness

[Slightly edited re-posting from my former blog]

Well, tonight I started the fourth revision of Plague of Darkness. The main character, Teague, is in three of the four books in the series I am currently working on.

I love this guy to death. He is definitely one of my favorite characters and I can see a lot of myself in him. Is that a good thing? I'm not so sure. But it is what it is.

Why am I writing about him, you may ask?

Because he's awesome.

Plain and simple.

And he's denying it. But I know it's true, and my other writer-friends know it's true. And his friends know it's true. So he should just stop protesting it and enjoy it. Although I think that the fact that he doesn't think he's all that great is one of the things that makes him special.

So just who exactly is Teague? And what is his story?

He has defined himself before as "A somebody who was once a nobody because somebody saved me, the nobody."

Yes, he has a sense of humor. And yep, it showed in that description he made about himself.

Currently, he is a 17 y/o Dakronite squire, who now lives in Arindrae (Dakron and Arindrae are two countries connected to England. Aye, I made them up.). But in part of his book he is as young as 11, and in the sequel to Called that I am currently outlining, he is in his early 20's.

With short red hair, a quick grin, and brown eyes that are smiling one instant and throwing sparks the next, he is tall, and strong from years of hard manual labor. Many scars from a whip lace his back and shoulders, criss-crossing and leaving very few areas on his back that are unmarred from numerous floggings. From Southern Dakron, he says "to" like "t'". And even though his name, which is of Irish origin, may mean Poet, he is not a poet at all (He finds that a continual source of amusement, I might add)! He does posses a rather quick temper, and has quite a knack for getting himself into trouble. Finding ironic humor in egging on those set against him, he often makes offhand, aggravating comments. Which of course lands him in even deeper trouble. Due to his rough past, trust does not come easily to him, but once he trusts someone completely, he would do anything in the world for them without holding back, even if it meant sacrificing himself. He is fiercely attached to his younger sisters and makes a great big brother. Even with all his problems with his temper, etc., he has a big heart and compassion, especially for "underdogs". And lately, a teasing, fun-loving streak has been showing as well. Which is quite fun, I must say. He has passion, too. No matter what he is doing. And sometimes has this most annoyingly amusing little smirk. He also loves swords and riding horseback. Sparing is one of his favorite pastimes. As is reading. Well, that's stretching things a bit. He's still learning how, and gets frustrated at how long it is taking. But he'll get there.

I have tried to draw him several times (and even did a drawing of him with his best friend), but couldn't get it exactly right. But...


...this is him. Well, mostly him. 'Tisn't perfect, but 'tis decent.

As to his story? I love it. Honestly. Love. It.

And I'm all excited about working on it again. It is getting bigger (Hooray!), and better, and I'm having fun with it. Although he isn't. Ah well. Such is the life of a character; we authors give them a rough time.

Here is the synopsis of his story:

Plague of Darkness

Torn away from everything and everyone familiar in the darkest hour of his young life, Teague wanted nothing more than to give up. But when a new friend provides a promise, his tenacious spirit clings to it and refuses to give in, to be trampled.

Oppressed into illegal slavery, he dreams of regaining his freedom. And his family. He wants one more chance, wants to be rid of this downtrodden existence, yet he fears the chance won't come.

Several years later his life is once again overshadowed with darkness. A darkness that nearly crushes him.

With nothing left to lose and everything to gain, will he give in, or will he accept help from an unlikely source that requires him to set aside his mistrust and doubt, placing him at the mercy of a stranger?

Did I mention that I love this story and its protagonist?


- Hannah

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